Bookcliff Equine offers a variety of Mindfulness classes, including half day and full day classes, as well as individual mindfulness coaching. We are located on a secluded and scenic 650 acre horse ranch in Western Colorado.

What IS Mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is the practice of recognizing and attending to each present moment with acceptance and compassion. Mindfulness practice connects us to our true, spacious consciousness which enables us to show up in the world as our best, wisest selves.
  • Mindfulness is a lifelong practice that is taught in a simple, compassionate, step by step fashion. It is based on ancient, original teachings of the Buddha, and is firmly supported by modern neuroscience.
  • Mindfulness is not a religion. In fact, mindfulness is compatible with all spiritual and religious beliefs. The Buddha called mindfulness a “science of the mind.”

In over 5,000 scientific studies, mindfulness has been shown to significantly improve physical health, lower stress, and increase mental and emotional wellness.

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*Please contact us if you would like to learn more about

  • Individual mindfulness coaching
  • Creating a custom mindfulness class or half day/full day mindfulness training.


(In compliance with the Colorado state “Safer at Home” order, we have a Covid 19 business plan on file with Garfield County. We also now offer an online Mindfulness class series- Living Mindfully 101 and Living Mindfully 201).

Don’t See Quite the Right Fit?

Create Your Own Class!

We can create a custom class for any age group. We have lots of EAL programs to choose from, or we can custom design an age appropriate EAL curricula to fit your group’s goals. Bookcliff Equine has certified teachers and curriculum development experts  on staff who can create your customized programs.

*Minimum of 3 people is required for a custom class.

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